Payday Tab

Mobile App Feature Design

Designed a new feature within the Surveys On the Go app that improves the success of an underperforming program. The feature aims to educate users on the program and motivate them to enroll/remain enrolled, resulting in an increase in enrollment, retention, and reactivation rates.

Enrollment Rate


Retention Rate


Reactivation Rate



What is Surveys On The Go?

Surveys On The Go is a mobile app where users can take surveys in exchange for cash rewards. On the app, users can earn money through two methods: 1) taking surveys for cash rewards, and 2) collecting passive weekly payouts through the Payday program.

The Payday Program

The Payday program offers users a weekly cash reward just for being enrolled. To join, users need to enable both their location and VPN data-sharing settings. By sharing these settings, users also get access to well-paying surveys tailored to their location and web activity.


The program had been experiencing low enrollment, conversion, and retention rates. There are a few reasons why users are not engaging with the program:

  • They aren't motivated enough.
  • They aren't familiar with the program.
  • They are skeptical about sharing Location and VPN data.


A dedicated section in the app for the Payday program that will serve to improve visibility, provide education, and motivate users to enroll.

In addition, this new section will encourage enrolled users to remain in the program and unenrolled users to reactivate.

Research & Discovery

Why aren't users enrolling?

After conducting 6 in-depth moderated user interviews and sending out a survey with over 2000 respondents, we identified some insights that prevent users from enrolling in the Payday program.

< 50%

of users were familiar with or had an accurate understanding of the Payday program.


of those not sharing VPN data would be willing to share for “the right price”.


of those not sharing VPN data would be more willing to share if they understood what was being collected.

Looking at existing analytics

The Growth team provided valuable insights into existing user behaviors and patterns of retention within the Payday program.

Research Takeaways

Issues Affecting Enrollment/Retention

Actionable Points

Users aren't familiar with the Payday program.

Increase visibility and information about the Payday program and how it works.

Users are skeptical about sharing Location or VPN data.

Provide more transparency about how their data will be used.

Users aren't motivated enough to enroll.

Put more emphasis on the program benefits and value proposition.

Users aren't motivated enough to retain in the program, the majority droping off at week 3.

Provide insights on their bonus earnings and incentives to remain in the program past week 4, where retained users become long-term users.


Collaborating with Involved Teams

I collaborated with multiple stakeholders to discuss requirements, technical constraints, business logic, and high-level solutions. Various teams were involved in the design process of the project.

  • The Growth Team was crucial as they were the SME and in charge of the Payday program.
  • The Development team provided input on the technical logic and constraints.
  • The Product Managers assisted with the business/technical logic of the program.

User Flow

For users who aren't enrolled yet, the Payday tab would serve as an informative onboarding opportunity that educates them on the benefits and what the data they share will be used for.

Once enrolled, the Payday tab would then serve as a dashboard to track Payday earnings and benefits.

Low Fidelity Wireframes

After several early design explorations and iterations using low-fidelity wireframes, we narrowed down the design to the below screenshots.


We tested the general flow and contents with 8 existing users consisting of already-enrolled users and newer users who were unfamiliar with Payday. The aim was to evaluate how well the designs informed and motivated users to be in the program. Below are some key notes/concerns raised during testing.

Final Designs

1. Introducing Users to Payday

Considering the reasons why users weren’t enrolling were due to lack of motivation and familiarity with the program, I kickstarted the Payday experience with an introduction screen to both educate and motivate users to enroll in the program.

2. Easy & Informative Enrollment Process

To ease user’s hesitations about sharing location & VPN data, I worked closely with the Growth team to create an enrollment process that is informative and friction-free. Furthermore, due to iOS policy regarding VPN, we were also required to provide transparency and request special consent from users.

3. Inside the Payday Tab

To improve retention, I crafted the content to remind user about the benefits they are receiving and encourage them to remain in the program. Visually, we aimed for the tab to be fun/engaging for users.

1. Introducing Payday tab

Users who aren’t enrolled in the Payday program yet will see an intro screen, which briefly summarizes the program's benefits/value prop.

The aim is to inform users about the Payday program and motivate users to enroll in the program.

2. Improved Enrollment Process

To enroll, the program requires users to enable both Location and VPN data sharing settings. This enrollment process guides users through what each data setting is used for and aims to alleviate hesitations about sharing their data.

3. After Enrollment / Inside the Tab

Once enrolled, the tab will then serve to display the user’s progress, stats, and benefits since joining the program. All of the components within the tab work to provide transparency and improve retention.

4. Improving Retention

User retention was one of the focuses that the stakeholders really wanted to prioritize.

We learned that users who remained in the program after week 4 have a much higher chance of becoming long-term members of Payday. As a result, we introduced incentives to remain in the program after 4 weeks.

Each component is designed so that it reminds users of the benefits and further persuades users to remain in the program.

5. Improving Reactivation

With Payday now being a designated tab on the bottom navigation bar, users who are no longer in Payday will still occasionally navigate through the Payday tab inadvertently. This gives us an opportunity to motivate users into reactivation.

The Payday tab shown to the left is what users see when they are no longer enrolled. In this status, the contents are adjusted to remind users of the benefits they had while in Payday.


After development and initial release, the growth team measured the success metrics to track the goals. Below are the performance metrics measured by the Growth team over 3 months using Amplitude.

Enrollment Rate increased


by giving more awareness the program and creating an enrollment flow that eases the hesitations about sharing data.

Retention Rate increased


by showing reminding about the extra surveys/earnings they are receiving and adding "gamification" elements.

Reactivation Rate increased


by reminding unenrolled users of the extra earnings/surveys they were receiving while they were still in the program.